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Our Team


Romeo Stevens is an independent health researcher who has written and presented on increasing healthspan (the period of one's life where one is free of the harmful conditions brought on by old age). Drawing on knowledge gained from reading hundreds of nutrition papers, he started experimenting with creating an easy default meal for himself. As his creations progressed, others started asking him to share. Romeo is responsible for nutrition research and product development. He also supports operations from time to time.

Manuel Saavedra has about 10 years of experience baking delicious goods. He has completed an apprenticeship as a pastry chef and now spends most of his productive time with MealSquares. Manuel is MealSquares' line chef. He leads and accomplishes the vast majority of MealSquares baking. He is also responsible for kitchen operations and operating our packaging machine.


Alumni, Advisors, and Old Friends

John Maxwell is a software developer who wanted to pay Romeo to make nutritionally complete foods for him. John and Romeo turned MealSquares into a business with hopes of scaling, because they are infected with Silicon Valley memes. John is now focused on other pursuits. He connects with the MealSquares team bi-annually and continues to enjoy eating MealSquares.

Michael Merchant was a management consultant for many of the world's biggest companies. From childhood, he had poor eating habits that only worstened in college. When he was in corporate America, these bad food habits drastically delayed his recovery from an injury. Michael was unable to walk for weeks. Romeo (see below) offered him a nutritional lifeline, MealSquares. Currently, he teaches compassionate communication (aka NVC).

Kelly Scanlon is a Registered Dietitian who provides medical nutrition therapy at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Nutrition from California Polytechnic State University and completed her internship at Napa State Hospital. Kelly is a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and trained in sports nutrition at the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado.

Peter Wei, MD is a graduate from Duke Med and current resident at UT Houston. His interests in nutrition include ketogenic diets for treatment of diabetes and prediabetes. His published research includes "Obesity medicine Management of Type 2 Diabetes with Carbohydrate Restriction," presented at the American Society of Bariatric Medicine in 2013. He is also coauthor of Learning Medicine: An Evidence-Based Guide, a book on medical education.

Jeanne Calvert RN, CCN is a Registered Nurse and Certified Clinical Nutritionist. She received her BS in nursing from UT Health Science Center San Antonio and her postgraduate training and certification via CNCB in Clinical Nutrition. Jeanne has a variety of interests within nutrition. She runs an independent nutrition practice where she provides individualized nutrition advice to her clients.

Julia Bossmann researches ways to predict the future. She holds a Master of Science degree in Brain & Behavioral Sciences. Besides research, Julia has been an entrepreneur and a management consultant at McKinsey & Company. Julia is a member of various organizations and advises start-ups with Ashoka.

Charlotte King began concocting delicious portable food for mountaineers, kayakers and travelers at her restaurant in the highlands of Tasmania in 1990. She caters for sports groups including the Olympic Rowing Team when they train in Tasmania. Her recipes are scrumptious, sustaining and nutritious. She is devious at leaving out common allergens while improving the texture and yumminess.